How to find keywords that hurt your Etsy shop?

How to find bad keywords in your Etsy shop with Google Analytics?


Etsy search tags or keywords are so important if you would like to focus on SEO which is a kind of free but long term marketing strategy.

I would like to show you a short method of how to search and find bad keywords that cause a 100% exit rate and only 8 seconds (!) view duration in your Etsy shop.

It's okay to test keywords in titles and tags but if it's not working for you why should you keep them? Right?!

So let's get started!

Part 1. Setting up Google Analytics and Etsy

First of all, you need far better and detailed analytics than Etsy's 'Stats'. Google Analytics is a magical thing, it will be your magic wand if you are serious about your business.

If you haven't connected or ever created your Google Analytics to your Etsy shop then it's time to do that.

How to create a Google Analytics account? (video tutorial)

How to connect Google Analytics with Etsy shop? (Etsy handbook)

Then you should set up your Seach Terms analytics here.


Part 2. Finding bad keywords

All right, so welcome back!

If you've created and set up your account right now then I have sad news for you... You have to wait for a month to see enough collected data. (Don't worry about it! It's totally worth it!)

After you set up Search Terms and you have enough data then you can start the fine-tuning and find bad keywords.

Go to Behaviour -> Site Search -> Search Terms.

Etsy SEO with Google Analytics Search terms

Don't forget to set the time range in order to see accurate data.

Time setting for Google Analytics Search terms Etsy SEO

On the vertical axes, you will see the Total Unique Searches and the time on the horizontal axes. Now we're investigating the 'All Users' segment.

I filtered data by Total Unique Searches like below in order to see what are the good keywords that drive traffic to our Etsy shop.

We have really interesting data here.

Unfortunately, the term 'rattan crib' drove 1.85% of our total unique searches which means that it's a really good keyword. And a really bad one for us.

The Search Exits is 99.28% which means that 99% of visitors left the site without even clicking on any of our other pages or shop site. Additionally, they spent 10 seconds on product pages or that site.

All this means that people who were looking for rattan crib wanted to buy a rattan crib instead of a rattan crib mockup. Which makes sense by the way. As soon as they realized that it's a digital download file they left the site.

At this part you can to filter your data by 'Search Exits' as well! You'll see tons of keywords that caused a 100% exit rate. But these keywords might not drive that many visitors so that the reason behind 100%.

So rattan crib is a good keyword but not for us. So we would like to get rid of that by using eRank.

Part 3. Removing keywords with eRank

(You can manually find that keyword at your Listings on Etsy. We have more than 200+ mockups so that we used eRank.)

eRank is great tool integrated with Etsy. You get access to many different types of data about your shop, about the market and about your competitors.

Go to Listings -> Tag filter

All of your listings will be here with all of your descriptions and all of your tags used.

Erank tag filter for Etsy SEO

All we have to do is to make a search within the site (Ctrl+F) 'rattan crib'.

Here we go:

Using ERANK for Etsy SEO and Google Analytics

We have only one 'rattan crib mockup' keyword for a crib mockup obviously. 

By clicking on the listing on eRank we arrive at the product page of Etsy and we can change that bad tag that drives the wrong people to our wonderful shop.

Part 4. Finding another bad keyword

All right, that's fine but let's continue the hunting. I will blur some boring data below.

Find search terms for Etsy SEO with Google Analytics

As you can see 'wedding easel' has a 100% Exit rate which means that every. single. visitor. closed this page under 8 seconds! OMG! That's... well, good news!

At least they realized quickly that our product is not a physical object. The product page is accurate and customers won't be angry after purchasing that easel.

If I make a search on eRank at Listings->Tag filter than I can see that many of our wedding easel mockups have the tag 'wedding easel'.

I have to admit that when we published these mockups it looked like a good idea.

find wrong keywords and tags with google Analytics and erank for Etsy SEO

So let's change those keywords to a better and more specific keyword like 'wedding easel mockup' or 'easel mockup'.

'Easel mockup' has a lower exit rate plus visitors spend more time than 8 seconds in our shop after searching for that keyword.


I think now you get the process and you can make some adjustments based on this method month by month.

I hope you found something interesting and useful information in this short article. As you can see this is our first blog post here. If you enjoyed this post, would like to learn more or have any questions, please DM me on IG or FB at @mockup_brothers.

Other than that: Comment, Share and Subscribe! 

Written by Marton Varga
Co-founder and marketer of MockupBrothers 

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    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this by accident. I’ve had GA setup for 3 months but thought it was just an Etsy things as to why I couldn’t look up search terms. No, I just had to term that feature on. Which is kind of annoying, why isn’t it automatic turned on. But anyways I’m so glad I found this and looking forward to your future blogs! THANKS A TON!!!

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