About Us

Peter and I (Marton) just helped one of our photographer friends to renovate his tiny apartment when the idea of MockupBrothers was born. We took a 'short' coffee break on the terrace when I was talking about my newborn downloadable print shop on Etsy.

- 'Do you know what would be great, Peter?' - I asked with a big smile on my face.
- 'If the apartment was ready!' - he said immediately.
- 'Yeah, that would be more than great!! But it would be even better if you could shoot some mockups for my new Etsy shop!'

It was the moment when MockupBrothers was born. Of course, it wasn't called MockupBrothers at that time, but a friendly favor.

So we organized the first photo shoot session in another friend's apartment. We have good friends. :) We loved the process of creation and we enjoyed it sooo much that we felt it's more than a 'favor' now. 
Instead of an afternoon, after two days of photography, we made our first mockup series. And we enjoyed every single minute of it. I remember, we even forgot to eat! We only stopped to have a cup of coffee. It was unforgettable!

A few weeks later we opened our Etsy shop! We realized soon that artists love our style and many of them spent a lot of time searching for appropriate mockups before. They simply wanted to present their precious artworks in an inspiring interior. An interior that highlights their work and helps them stand out from the crowded Etsy search results. That's all! 

Ever since we are excited to support creative artists, amateurs or professionals, moms or dads, young people or the elderly to inspire their customers and reach their personal goals. And we happen to make great mockups! :)

So this was the short story long above. Fortunately, we haven't finished yet and we're happy to see that many artists joined our M'Bros Family so far.
M'Bros Family is a supportive community where we share useful marketing ideas, new mockup series, discuss Etsy SEO topics or promoted listing strategies. 

By the way, when people ask the question: 'Are you really brothers?',
our short answer is: 'We were two bros who became brothers!'.

We wish you many cha-chings and see you in the Family!

Marton and Peter
The MockupBrothers